Business Dissertation Topic Examples: 15 Ideas For Students

Your dissertation represents the most important achievement of your life. It is needless to say then that you would want it to be the very best representation of yourself both academically and professionally. Choosing the right topic can make all the difference in making or breaking your paper, so it would be wise and advisable that you do some research on the topics you are considering, before settling on one.

15 Topic Ideas for Students

  1. Bad or unsatisfactory customer service in the services industry can impact the economic growth of a country. How can such a situation be remedied both in regards to customers and management?
  2. Oil companies in Kuwait: A business model and strategy that attracts foreign investment.
  3. An examination of the John Lewis partnership with a focus on consumer expectations.
  4. Human Resource practices and their impact on bringing about the decline of Trade Unions.
  5. Factors to consider before entering a new market or before going global – how this impacts the global business environment.
  6. Online banking and its perks and pitfalls for small businesses.
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility: is there a relationship between it and corporate financial outcomes?
  8. How do incorporating customer’s concerns for corporate philanthropy affect the shareholders and stakeholders in a business?
  9. Is it really possible for governments to truly curtail monopolies and regulate unjust practices of large corporations?
  10. Shared values: Working hand in hand with societal and corporation’s concerns; worth the effort for the corporation or waste of time and profits?
  11. New directions in international business political behaviour – a theoretical comparison.
  12. The impact of business-government relations on industrial upgrades – a look at emerging economies.
  13. The effect of globalisation and the internet on small and medium enterprises (SME): A case study of success stories.
  14. Air France and KLM – a study of mergers and acquirements in the aviation service industry.
  15. Financial Holding Companies – the story behind their successful business strategies and practices.

Your dissertation is quite literally your brain child, so it is crucial that it revolves around a subject matter about which you are truly passionate. This would help you to translate that passion into your work and have a finished product that you are genuinely proud of and can consider a legitimate achievement. So, before you embark on writing your dissertation, take a little time to find a topic that reflects your passions truly. And don't forget you can get help from thesis writing service if you can't cope with your dissertation on your own.